Face detection
  • Quickly detects multiple faces in images.
  • Includes an advanced tracking feature that enables even faster detection for continuous images (cut-out video frames).
Face parts detection
  • Detects the coordinates of facial features such as eyes, nose and mouth
Age estimation
  • Estimates the generation of the person in the image.
Eye direction recognition


  • Detects eye direction (eye balls orientation).
Blink recognition
  • Estimates the degree of eye opening and closing.
Face recognition
  • Recognizes identity by matching the detected face against a pre-registered face (more than one face view per person should be registered for recognition).
  • Performs 1-to-1 matching and 1-to-N matching.
Smile recognition
  • Estimates the degree of smiling.
Gender recognition
  • Estimate the gender of the person in the image.
Face direction recognition
  • Estimates the face direction (angle).


Rich functionality


  • Face detection, face recognition, age estimation, gender estimation, etc.


  • Can be ported to various types of platforms. Customizable according to memory size and CPU power. (Option)

Applicable to visible light camera and near infrared camera                             


  • Near infrared camera can be used as well as normal camera (visible light camera).
Optimization of accuracy



  • Optimization of accuracy is available according to user application and use case. (Option)

Use case

Driver Monitoring System


  • Detect driver's face and monitor eye direction, face direction and head position.
Camera Control


  • Automatically focus on the registered face.
Robot Control


  • Detect human face and take action.


FaceU Version 2.6 Enbedded version(reference value)  

Size of software

Face detection/ 

Face parts detection/

Face recognition

ROM 940 KBytes
RAM 1 KBytes 

58 MBytes

Size of dictionary

16 MBytes

Input image Size MAX 8192 x 4320 or 4320 x 8192
Format 8 bit gray scale
Number of face parts detection            Max 83 points
Condition of face recognition

Distance between eyes must be more than 20 pixels(≒face width must be more than 40 pixels)

Can not recognize the face with mask or sunglasses

Processing speed

(Renesas RCarE2

ARM CoretexA7-1.0GHz)

Face detection 40 msec
Face parts detection

138 msec(83 points)

Characteristic point

extraction for face recognition

146 msec(0.01 msec for 1 to 1 matching)
Others Contact us for PC and Android version

Operability confirmed SoC / EVA board

R-CarM2 Application Development Board

Renesas Starter Kit + for RZ/A1H





Raspberry Pi2, 

Panda Board, etc.