Detecting and tracking multiple persons

Up to 50 people can be detected and tracked from one image.

Detecting a person from multi-angle(360 degree)

Detect a person from front, back or side angle


Use case

Visitor count in shopping mall and event site 

      Measurement of effectiveness on

digital signage and POP advertising

Process management of workers in

factory and warehouse


Multi-Human Tracking Library Ver.1.0 for Windows

Size of software       


13 MBytes
RAM 1 KBytes
WORK 75 MBytes
Size of dictionary 13 MBytes
Imput image Size 640 x 480, 1280 x 720, 1280 x 960
Format 24 bit color(RGB)
Condition of Multi-Human Tracking Wide of detactable human Min. 32 x 32 pixel  (include head, neck, and shoulder)
Number of detection Max. 50 human/image

Processing speed

(Inetel Corei7-3770 3GHz)

Human detection 86 msec
Human tracking 4 msec
Others Contact for embedded and Android version