Making our contribution through soft module development 

for greater fun and convenience than now


Our company name, PUX is derived from User eXperience.


By combining technology in an advanced way and utilizing big data,

the latest products and services have more functionality than before.

Especially, in the software industry, open-source and publicly

available API are rapidly spreading out, therefore simple pursuit for

high functionality and cost reduction may hardly reach satisfaction.

 Hidetaka Fukae    

 President & CEO     Not only highly functional products or services but user experience which

                         provides excitement and surprise is, we believe, the next generation value-added.


                         We, PUX are aiming at realizing user experience mainly in the human

                         sensing area with our expertized image recognition technology.

                         We extract information from images and videos which used be merely 

                         visual before, analyze them and visualize the result so that our customers can

                         experience discovery and surprise, and use it for a variety of places such as shops,

                         offices, homes, amusement spots, etc.


                        To make a society comfortable, we contribute through developing software.


Corporate information

Company name       : PUX Corporation

Established               : April 2, 2012

Paid-in capital          : JPY 90 Million

Main shareholder   : Panasonic Corporation, Nintendo Co., Ltd, Morpho, Inc.

Location                   : 19th Floor, Twin 21 MID Tower

                                     2-1-61, Shiromi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-6119 Japan

President & CEO    : Hidetaka Fukae

Business                 : Planning design and development of computer software that utilizes information

                                   processing technology (image processing, network, database, etc.) and related platforms